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Q. What files do I get with my template purchase?
A. Everything you see in the preview - images, sound, fonts, fla files, etc is included in the ZIP file.

Q. Can I use a download manager like GetRight to download ?
A. Yes you can. However the downloaded file name will have a .PHP file extension at the end. Just rename the extension to .ZIP and unzip it. OR just do Change The Local File Name to a .ZIP file right before you start the download.

Q. What can be edited?
Everything in the template can be edited by yourself. To be able to edit, you need some knowledge about the suitable software.

Q. How long before I get my template after payment?
A. Usually it takes no more than 4 hours. In rare cases it can take up to 24 hours.

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?
A. No. The reason is that computer files can not be returned as regular goods can. If any files is damaged, you will be provided with new ones that work.

Q. I am no designer, can I learn?
A. Sure thing. A lot of good tutorials can be found at

Q. Do you provide any scripts with your templates?
A. Our templates do not include any additional scripts. All forms such as newsletter subscription or search fields are inactive. If you need any custom scripting please contact us.


Q: What is a template?
A: A template is a ready-made web-site design that can be used as the foundation of building a new website. Within a short period of time, you can replace the text and pictures in the templates with your own. You will have to have Flash MX installed to edit the templates. If you would like to edit the graphics of a template, it’s highly recommended that you should have Adobe Photoshop as well.

Q: What is the advantage of using a template?
A: Since our templates are designed by professionals, they serve the purpose to help you start building your website in a very cost efficient manner without sacrificing on quality. Moreover, if you are a designer, they save you time when you are pre-occupied with different tasks.

Q: What is the difference between our templates and others in the market?
A: While there are many other similar products in the market, our focus is to deliver the best value-for-money products to our clients. We place great emphasis on the varieties of design style we have and easiness for customization with our products. Good customer service is followed like a religion at our company and we always get back to our customers in the most timely manner.

Q: What files do I get after the transaction has been processed?
A: What you get would be a compressed .ZIP file. You will need to unzip it before you actually can edit the template. If you do not have Winzip tool installed in your machine, please visit After unzipping the files, you will see inside the folder the source files (.fla) as well as fonts files we used for the particular template. You will need to installed the fonts to your system if you haven’t had those fonts already. After you do that, you can open your .fla file with Flash MX or Flash MX 2004. Flash MX 2004 30 days trial version can be obtained at


Q: What is the FLA file?
A: A FLA file (that with a .fla extension) is the source, or editable version of the flash template. From here you can modify your template and produce FLA files for presentation via the web. With the FLA file, you can export the SWF files.

Q: What is a SWF file?
A: A SWF file (that with a swf extension) is a compiled, viewable only, flash file. You would use this format by way of means of presenting through the web. You can export this file along with the HTML file in Flash MX if you have the .fla file. By placing the .swf files and .html files in the root directory of your server, it will become your website!

Q: Do I have to be a Flash expert to edit the template?
A: A basic knowledge of Flash is required to edit our templates.

Q: What kind of modifications can I do to the templates?
A: You can add content, incorporate your logo(s), add/delete a section, add/delete pictures, add/delete music to them as long as you are familiar with Flash MX. While most of the parts are relatively easy, adding a section would be a bit more complex and time consuming for beginners. However, our company can customize it for you professionally.

Q: I can't seem to open all the templates that I have downloaded?
A: That could be because you are using a version prior to Flash MX.

Q: I get “unexpected file format” when I try to open a template, why?
A: This is because you are not using Flash MX

Q: I don't have Flash MX, where can I download it?
A: Please visit Macromedia for further information.

Q: Can I use any other software like SWISH to edit the Flash templates rather than Flash MX?
A: No. Our flash templates can be edited in Macromedia Flash only.

Q: I edited the HTML files for the dynamic flash template and now it can't load them. What gives ?
A: They are a few limitation on HTML codes which can be loaded dynamically into flash templates. Please read through the README.TXT file which comes with the template.

Q: I am using Flash MX Professional version, does it work with your templates?
A: Although the “Pro” version on surface should not make a difference and should work with our templates, we have heard from numerous customers that they can’t open or edit the files with the “Pro” version.


Q: I want to produce an .exe file from my Flash Template, how do I do it?
A: 1. File/Publish Settings
2. Uncheck all checkboxes except "exe"
3. Hit "publish"

Q: How do I make the Flash presentation auto-start from a CD when it is inserted into a CD driver?
A: First you will need to compile the file into an .exe as not all PCs will have a Flash player. Then you need to add an "autorun.inf" file to the CD, which will contain the following instructions:
NB. where filename.exe is the name of your exe file created for viewing.

Q: Can I edit my template using a Macintosh?
A: Yes. For further info please visit

Q: I am worried that my target audience won't be able to see the Flash Templates via the web?
A: According to Macromedia over 95% of PCs have a plug-in to display flash installed. It comes packed with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Mac OS.

Q: What happens to the other 5% then?
A: They will be offered to download the Flash Player if they use Microsoft IE, or if they don't wish to, then you should offer a HTML version for them to view.

Q: Do you brand your templates in any way?
A: No. There is no form of branding within the templates.

Q: I can't seem to download the templates I have ordered. Can you help?
A: Yes. Please use our online contact form and we will deal with the problem promptly.

Q: Am I free to do anything I want with the templates?
A: Yes. You can do as you wish with the templates, however please read the Terms of Use for further details.

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